Can Anyone Connect To Oanda?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by FXsKaLpEr, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. This REALLY pisses me off.

    it's 6:43PM westcoast time.

    the Oanda site is GONE.

    cannot connect at all.

    can anyone connect??

    here's the url:

  2. slacker


    Nope its gone for now (California)
  3. what do you mean????

    how can a godam FOREX broker "be gone for now???????????"

    this is BULLSHT!!!!!!!!!
  4. DAMN IB DOES NOT WORK EITHER!!!!!!!!!! Quotes ok execution no go.
  5. FXTrade has been down since shortly after 9 pm EST.
  6. Is this REFCO's freeze?

    has the whole ForEx stopped??
  7. its 9:09 PM Central time, and I can't get on Oanda either. Damn, and I was going to open up an account with them this week. Perhaps I should consider someone else. :confused:
  8. there ain't nobody else.
  9. cable


    I can connect to FXGame but not FXTrade, 10:11 pm EST.
  10. IB is all good, was down for 20 min on FX. My trade actually worked out better than I had thought. As for Oanda I can not even get on their website.
    #10     Oct 16, 2005