Can Anyone Comment on Real-Tic?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by waggie945, Sep 7, 2002.

  1. Was just wondering if there are any users of Real-Tic,
    FSG Pro-Active, or Global-Tech that would care to offer some comments on what they think of these electronic trading platforms?
  2. sherif24


    I used Real Tick for a short time before changing to GlobeTek. I guess your style and priorities would dictate which is better for you.

    I was looking to trade equities only and wanted fastest possible execution speed. Real Tick IMO was Real Slow, but it did have integrated options trading and other potentially useful features.

    GlobeTek is more bare-bones, no frills, but my experience with the executions has been fantastic. Reliable too.

    Not to bash Real Tick too much, I'm sure there's guys out there happy w/ it, but my experience with their tech support was horrible, something else to consider.

    My best advice: get on the demo for a good couple of days each; your experience with the software matters most.

    best of luck
  3. RealTick is out of the question for me because there is no customizable real time scanning--a fatal omission for today's trading necessities. Customer service is good and the platform is nice, if a little cumbersome to set up. My search continues...NEXT!