Can anybody recommend a decent health insurer

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  1. Blah! I need to get health insurance, and Im not part of a group. Im looking for just some type of disaster ins., with a big deductable. Any feedback would be apreciated.
  2. An engineering contractor I hired a few years back recommended Golden Rule.

  3. that's who i uses...I pay about 200 per month for catastrophic insurance....individual deductible is 25oo , 5000 for the family...In other words...i pay out of my own pocket as I go unless i get hit by a car or get real sick....basically self insured.
  4. Tx fellas, probably going to go with golden rule. One question, I smoked for 8 years, stopped about 8 months ago, they ask tobacco in last 12 months...

  5. lie...or wait 4 months to save BIG time


    I think Golden Rule is among those they offer as well as Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It'll kick out everything from a high deductible catastrophic policy to low deductible policies with much higher premiums. I have BC/BS with a $5K deductible.

    Other option is to find someone where you can get a group rate -- like a college alumni group, engineering society, etc.
  7. That's right. If you're an engineer (lots of 'em around here) join one of the professional societies. They can get you cheap term life, long term disability and health insurance. I'm an EE and get my life and LTD through IEEE(.org) IEEE membership is a pittance at $130/year plus you get a nice mag.
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    High deductible with and HSA?? I am getting killed by Blue Croos Blue Shield for me and my kid..and they raise it every 6 months...

  9. I was paying about 7k per year for family insurance....Now, i pay about 2500 and just pay for everything as i go....Its hysterical to see the Dr.'s office face when i say" Im self insured, just tell me how much is due and i will pay in full today".....I save SOOOooomuch money! One of my kids Dr. who use to charge our insurance and also charge us our 50.00 per appointment fee, charges me a flat 50.00...regardless of what gets done...They usually throw in free meds as well or samples of drugs to svae this poor guy money. :) After my kids tonsils were removed, they sat down and we negotiated a 'settlement' of the bill...Basically, they were gonna submit about 8k to insurance for adenoids and tonsils....knowing that my deductible was 2500.00....but then i told them i've already spent about 750.00 this year( big lie) so my deductible would be lower....we finally settled on total health cost for last year was about 4500....ALOT less then paying 750-1k per month
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