Can anybody reccomend some charting libraries for C#?

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  1. I'm about to demo the stuff from and was wondering what else other guys were using...

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I was using Steema TeeChart for a couple of years and then switched to Dundas earlier this year. Both are good, but are priced much higher than what the guy in his garage is offering on the website you posted.
  3. :D so true!!!
  4. ahh perfect - thanks, dude...

    another question i have for you guys who've written your own charting apps - how do you store data that you want to chart? do you stash it in an array or a file?

    thanks mucho (and thanks again rocket for that link),
  5. If you are serious about writing your own app and are using C#, you need to learn SQL as well and get your hands on MS SQL Server. I couldn't do without it.
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    Before spending tons of money for a MS SQL you might wanna check out Firebird Sql. They provide a reeeally good .net provider.
    The database is capable of doing stored procedures, triggers, etc.
    And all of that is open source
  7. You could use MSDE (free download from and store your data in it. Depending on your needs on the data, you could store it as relational data or serialized objects using ADO.NET. For charting purpose, serialization may be the fastest one.
  8. ahh i love you guys...thanks for all the advice...

    i actually own a copy of SQL server developer edition, which i assume will work for my needs...(?) since i am not planning on ever using my app as an i-net server...

    so richtrader, you are using SQL + Dundas for charting, yes? seems (from the web page :D ) like it goes pretty smoothly, eh?

    i already have SQL server, but i will check that out first since it is open it in C# (that's all i know - well, pretend to know, anyway... :D )? thx!

    so is best/quick/easy/stable for charting SQL server's data? (I don't need superfast charting; stability and CPU usage are far more important) thx!
  9. I was using SQL Server Developer Edition but have an MSDN Universal subscription so I use the full blown one now. It is really not much different for low number of user apps and single processor machines.

    I use C# (Windows Forms), ADO.NET, SQL Server, and Dundas. I use MyTrack and IQFeed as realtime feeds and Prophet.NET EOD FTP.

    Dundas is cool, and I found that Teechart and Dundas are both fast enough for realtime charting. I update multiple charts off ticks (creating minute bars on the fly) and the charts redraw and update without delay. If I were to pick one of them, I would probably pick the Teechart because their support is better and the Dundas seems to have a bigger memory footprint.

    Also, I was disappointed that Dundas makes you buy a $400 subscription to get bug fixes and maintenance upgrades. I was unwilling to pay this so I had to disable some of my functionality (related to dragging lines on the charts to set target/entry/exit prices dynamically) because there is a big bug with one of the methods that is fixed in a maintenance release I'm not entitled to. I feel like if I buy a charting package (I bought the ASP.NET/Windows Forms combo for $1000) I should at least be entitled to the functionality they promised in the release I bought, but that is a different topic.

    Let me know if you need any SQL. I have written a ton of it to do things like return weekly bars from daily bars or bars of any minute length from 1-minute bars.

    Good luck.
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