Can anybody help me with my laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by oldtime, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I've googled all over and can't understand anything.

    The problem is, when I move the cursor around (not using a mouse) a little scroll box appears, sometimes it's vertical, sometimes it's horizontal.

    I just want it out of my llife and off my computer.

    Oh well isn't that just great, before I could even post this it appeared and moved everything to the left.

    I can get rid of it momentarily if I just left click, but that gets kind of risky if I happen to be on a transmit button.
  2. See if this helps.

    >>Stacy, you're right. The little scrollbar is annoying. I figured out that it is called "Virtual Scrolling" and you can disable it.
    1. Go to Control Panel, and select Mouse. A window pops up with a bunch of tabs at the top.
    Note: From here, your steps may be different from mine, depending on which touchpad you have. Mine is Synaptics. If yours is different, you may have to hunt around for Virtual Scrolling and disable it. On mine, the following steps worked.
    2. Go into the tab called Device Settings, and you will see a list of one of more devices.
    3. Make sure your touchpad device is highlighted.
    4. Beneath that list, hit the button that says Settings. A new window will pop up with a options "tree" at the left.
    5. Choose the option that says Virtual Scrolling -- make sure you click the word Virtual Scrolling, not the little plus sign next to it, and you will see one or two checkboxes for Virtual Scrolling.
    6. Uncheck those boxes and hit Okay. Then you're good to go.<<
  3. thanks jificquette, actually I had already been to that web site. After 3 days of googling around, on Sat afternoon I just called Toshiba. A guy from the Phillipinnes hooked up my computer to his and at first he couldn't fix it, so he said hang on, and a few minutes later the pointer started moving all around and he was opening this and closing that and finally got right to where the problem was. And all I was doing was just sitting there with the phone to my ear. The whole thing was really quite amazing.