can anybody give me a website to read free e-books

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  1. i want to learn something about technical analysis

    but i can not afford to buy many books

    can you give me some help?
  2. Your local and friendly library is a good start
  3. Yes, the library is the best place.

    You might try limewire file share also. But be careful you don't get a computer virus. Scan all the files you download from there before you open them.
  4. Go to It's a real site the guy has a great library.
  5. you will find TON's on limewire, bittorrent, and all the other gnutella type networks.
  6. Tums


  7. Tums


    do a search on google
    there are lots of websites with free info on TA

    do a search on this website
    you will find useful discussions on TA -- the explanation and implementations are better than many books.
  8. If you want to be successful at this business, treat it like a business, and all businesses have expenses, and your education needs the best materials you can get.

    I strongly suggest picking up Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas on Amazon, it's less than 20 dollars now I think when I last checked.
  9. thx very much
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