Can any trader worth his/her salt be a liberal?

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  1. I'm amazed at how many traders on ELITETRADER flock towards anti-capitalist rhetoric and embrace hostile, anti-American socialism. I don't understand how you can speculate in the marketplace while at the same time support the idea that other market participants should be penalized for being successful.
  2. I truly believe that a lot of people have no idea what the basic principles, philosophy and agendas of each party represent.

    If they knew, most would be conservative.
  3. Some people have no respect for the less fortunate but when it happens to them, they are the first in line with their hand out.
  4. Liberals are very good at keeping the less fortunate down. Policies of liberals are almost designed to keep the poor and ignorant from ever breaking the cycle.
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  6. I think that your question should be posed to Messrs. Buffett and Soros for their consideration. Failing that, or if you feel that their views are too restrictive or non-representative of the larger trading community, then you may wish to consider the following:

    "Democrats have so far gotten the lion’s share of hedge-fund managers’ campaign contributions in the 2008 presidential money race — 75 percent, according to a Center for Responsive Politics/Absolute Return magazine analysis of the candidates’ first-quarter financials."

    Do be sure to read the whole article.
  7. wall street gives to both sides (hedge)

    and tend to give more to whoever is leading in the poles.

    means nothing except that most of wall street is 2 faced.

    Buffet is NOT a life long liberal, only when he made a substantial fortune did his heart begin to bleed. He was president of the Young Republicans Club. LOL

    Look up Limousine liberal.
  8. I think both parties have serious problems, but since I get paid in capital gains (futures trader), I tend to go for the guy that won't screw me. But still, both these current parties seem hell bent on spending the US into the poor house. We need a third, seriously fiscal conservative party. One with no religion and guns attached to it.

    As for the previous post, the hedgies are supporting Obama cause they think he will win. The cycle before it was Bush. This is very obvious. They always operate this way. I don't have the stats for Bush/Gore, but I bet it was close to even. No one had a clue who was going to win that one.
  9. You guys spin beautifully. However, you have also revealed that you did not even bother to read the article:

    "Here’s where things get weird. Typically political parties crack down on the other party’s donors, not their own. But unlike their financial brethren in the greater securities/investments community, hedge-fund managers are consistent Democratic donors. While the industry overall only shifted its giving to the Democrats in 2006 when a power-shift looked all-but-certain, CRP/Absolute Return data show that hedge funds have favored Democrats for longer and by wider margins. In 2006 hedge funds gave 69 percent of their campaign cash to Democrats (the industry overall was more closely divided at 53-45). They gave 67 percent to Democrats in 2004. In 2002, it was 84 percent."

    Reading can be educational and fun. You should try it. :D
  10. I'm a fiscal conservative, and that's why I won't vote Republican.
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