Can any sane person watch entertainment tonight

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. and not think that if a meteor struck, it might not be such a bad thing?

    just askin
  2. LOL, that is one of many shows that gets my mind to that point. All the reality shows qualify. Anything on MTV or the ilk, the E channel, the list goes on. I deserve to have a meteor hit me just by the fact that I pay for a subscription to have all this garbage coming to my house. :D
  3. Television is a waste of time!!! BY DESIGN it catches your attention with meaningless and irrelevant things. Mankind has advanced so much, gone so far technologically, and THIS is what people spend 7 hours a day doing??? Pathetic.
  4. too many bimbos on TV is the problem. seriously, think about it.

    must be why my fave show is Pawn Stars, not a freaking bimbo in sight.
  5. LOL, you got me Stock, I forgot about that show. That and the one where they sell off storage lockers I have watched and actually enjoyed for the stuff they find. I saw an episode of a hoarders show too. I think my Dad's house maybe a combination of these shows eventually. A hoarder with a few treasures within. On top of the idea of I know eventually I lose him, I dread going through his house. At the same time I know some of the cool stuff he has which may or may not be valuable.