Can any full time day traders that trade stocks please raise their hands?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rin4et, Oct 25, 2017.

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    I am talking about stock traders NOT those that trade futures, currencies etc. Not options traders either. Not swing traders either.
    I am looking to network with other day traders that trade stocks/etfs exclusively full time. And I haven't met a single one on this forum.
    Maybe I am at the wrong place. If I am then please suggest other websites where I can meet such people. I am already part of Stocktwits.
    Thank you!
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  4. It's not my wheelhouse, but I do day trade from time to time when an entry signal beats me into submission.

    The Super Terrific Happy Hour is a good thread for day traders, but Max has been a bit quiet of late.

    I'm wondering why you are adamant against derivatives traders though (options guy myself). I'm often more interested in how traders of other instruments view the market lest I find myself in an echo chamber. I watch the ES threads diligently because they often find discrete signals that I miss in the stock charts...jumped out of the way of more than one freight train after being tipped to a systemic weakness.

    Edit: also, read through journals if you haven't already. That's probably the best way to find similar traders.
  5. Trading is a lonely venture -- I don't think you'll find alot of friends to chat with during the day who are doing what you are doing.
    or maybe are interested in talking with someone either.

    You kind of have to be a calm, introspective, introvert loner to survive and thrive in this trading game.
    If you are an impatient person who likes working and talking and moving with people, you won't really survive being a trader.

    But you know what they say...if something doesn't exists that you want...Create it

    Maybe create a Youtube channel, or website, where you can be vocal to your audience about your market or life thoughts on a daily basis.
    Maybe you'll even have greater success as a market trading personality, rather then being an actual trader.
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  6. Try the pal-talk. there are public and private rooms for trading all sorts of instruments.
    good luck
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    Hands Up ! exclusively MU and AMD
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    I assume you are talking about US equities ?

    Aside from the penny stocks pushes, there are few retail traders who trade US equities .

    1) There are virtually no trading guru's/ vendors / scammers who push day trading liquid US equities. So there isn't the same retail trading industry promoting it like there is for futures and Fx.
    2) This is largely because of the barriers to entry. You need at-least 25k min to day trade US equities, which is to large of an account size for your typical newbie trader who vendors are trying to lure in. The reality is If you want to be day trading US equities full time, then you need a portfolio margin account, so Min 110k .
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    New to this website. Only US stocks, try to be in/out same day, does not always work. Trade much larger numbers than what appears to be the norm here, so basis points matter in hitting daily bogey.
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    What type of trading do you do in these stocks?
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