can an individual really have an edge on ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Sky123987, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. there are a lot of people that claim that they have an edge on the ES. My humble thinking would be that it is highly unlikely that an retail joe shmoe can beat the game... if you really had an edge since the ES is so damn thick there'd be a million, multi-millionaire because you'd be able to maximize your edge so greatly.

    So would you guys agree that "reallyi any retail person that trades the ES is losing for the most part?"
  2. My best advice for you would be to quit thinking. Its damaging to you
  3. You're right, you can't beat it. That should be your biggest clue.
  4. Your personal talent - as a manifestation of your skill, determination and discipline - is your edge.


  5. I understand what the OP is trying to say although I think it could have been phrased differently.

    Basically the argument is how can any regular guy have an edge in the highly efficient futures markets, in particular the thick ES?

    And it's a valid question.

    I think the question should be broadened to any futures vehicle since it's a zero sum game.

    For me, I trade the ES b/c my system works well there. I think it's b/c the ES is a little more technically sound IMO. In other words, I find my analysis holds up better here vs. the ER2 for example. And I think that's the case b/c of the thick liquidity and serious players there. It's rare to see wild spikes on the ES whereas it's commonplace on the ER2. So for me, the ES makes more sense based on how I trade. It may not for you.