Can A Statistical Guy Please

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  1. Can someone that has the data handy please post a chart or two of the "average" American household over the last 10 years or so, including household income, net worth, debt, disposable income and any other relevant data that could suggest where consumer spending is heading. We all have our own opinions, but it would be interesting to see the different conclusions that we draw off of the same data.
  2. You ask for a kindness but you offer nothing in return. Why?
  3. again... is google not working?
  4. Sorry I asked for something that may be at someones fingertips already instead just spending hours of time creating my own. I mean WTF was I thinking, bulls and bears to the bitter end with arguments, but share data?? FO!!
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    "Can A Statistical Guy Please"

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  6. If anything positive comes from this, it is that I got Dogman, who has been registered for a year now, to make his very first post! :cool: :cool: :cool:
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  8. Thanks for the link. One thing I find interesting at just a glance is that with all the record profit margins and corporate buybacks, business debt has increased at a fast pace.