Can a single PC use a router as a firewall

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by ron2368, May 9, 2002.

  1. ron2368


    If I am using only 1 pc with a cable modem, can I put a router in between to create a firewall?

    Is it worthwhile to do this?

    What would I need, just the router or do I need a network card inside the PC also? What are the best brands?

    I have looked at the linksys site but dont see anything about 1 pc setup.
  2. mbg


    you could do it - you would need a NIC inside the PC, and it would work fine.

    but since you're only using 1 pc, why not just get zone alarm, and save your money on a router (unless you plan to upgrade in the future) the router's main purpose is for sharing 1 connection among multiple PC's

    just my 2 cents
  3. ron2368


    Got that already.

    I was curious if a hardware firewall might have some advantages over software.

  4. TAfool


    Most definitely! Software firewalls can crash or get corrupt, plus they take resources to run. Since installing a router (w/firewall) ZoneAlarm has yet to register a single hit.

    Linksys, as well as the others, do make single port routers but since a four port is only about $10 more it is well worth the cost. Just because the ports are there doesn't mean you have to fill them :cool:

    Take a look a the Linksys BEFSR41:
    I have seen this one advertised as low as $69. Cheap insurance.

  5. mktman


    BEFSR41 $69.97 at Best Buy.
    Well worth it.

  6. i have used both linksys and netgear. I found that the firewalls in netgear is slightly better, FWIW. Netgear tends to be a bit more expensive.

    let me add: routing and firewall are two different things (per the original question). Simple network translation (NAT) will often work as a simple firewall. but if you want a real firewall, you will have to buy a product with a firewall built in.
  7. About the only reason to use a firewall (rather than a router with NAT) is if you actually want to allow selected inbound connections or filter selected outbout connections or if you want to keep a log of how many times someone is scanning your ports or trying to hack you.

    If you simply don't want any unsolicited inbound connections (which is the nominal case for most users), then a NAT router is the ultimate firewall - it blocks all inbound connections.
  8. vinigar


    I use the Linksys:

    Model BEFSR41 V.2 EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 10/100 4-Port Switch.

    Its more on the expensive side but worth it. Why ?

    1.) It fools people like RoadRunner into thinking that you are running only one computer, therefore you only have to pay for just one feed.

    2.) It is user friendly for dummies like me...just plug and play!

    3.) It provides a firewall...which means that I do not have to have one on all my computers using up ram or any other kind of memory which could interfere with my trades.:)
  9. well,
    a router is very different to a firewall.

    the routers job is to bring u somewhere.
    the firewall's job is to break from everywhere= protect you.

    usual firwalls( zonealarm by zonelabs) recognize, which program wants to reach a foreign one.

    and this firewall does his job.

    but it is not comparable with 'real' firewalls as of 'chkp' (known by traders ;-) )

    so dont trust a router. he just hides your real ip-adress. but if u get a trojan/actve-xfile on your machine, trying to damage / connect somewhere, the router would easily help this trojan, cause he makes the connection as it was wanted by any program in your network.

    if you realize that, you no longer would differ between a router and a firewall.


    best regards