can a real trader, put the two and two together in all areas of life

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  1. cold


    just in case you guys didn't look into who was in WTC 7

    that fell by itself straight down without any earthquakes

    who held floors in it

    Department of Defense (DOD)
    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    US Secret Service
    Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
    Securities and Exchange Commission

    so Al-qaeda got past all these people and planted explosives

    Fuck man, these al-qaedans should be hired by US military cause they are good
    just give them money and get them into US military :)

    what's that (I just got a memo), are you sure, can you confirm

    oh umm okay

    sorry guys al-qaeda is already in US military

    my bad :)
  2. How long does it take you figure this out? Watch too much youtube videos, huh?
    Why do you think Chinese were buying US treasuries madly?
    Studying history will help you understanding how thing really works.

    By the way; this thread should be moved to chitchat.
  3. cold


    no you are wrong, I am saying all this now cause other people like you don't want to

    I don't want to forget, that's all
  4. sim03


    Nah, this goes straight to the P&R Octagon.

    Inland Revenue Service... cold, you OK, man?
  5. Before this thread goes to chit chat tommorrow, let me ask you this.

    Does it matter? Let us suppose that a one world government is in the works. What can you do to stop it? Why would you want to stop it? What would be a better alternative?
  6. cold


    I know what you mean, I was like you once, smart but not wise

    let me put it for you this way, do you have any family, what if they were killed by your GOV

    think about it, would you really be saying the SHIT you just said
  7. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    I guess some will take the red pill, wake up, ask around trying to see if anybody is doing the same thing. If not, take the red pill. :D
  8. tgrady


    Seek professional help. Seriously.
  9. cold