Can a hurricane in GOM, carry oily water to land?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by misterno, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Is it possible for a tornado/hurricane to siphon up oily water and then leave it on Texas or Louisiana land along its way?

    Is this possible?
  2. Yes. The "storm surge" presses and blows the water ashore and inland. :(
  3. And NO

    A hurricane and a tornado are 2 different dogs (frogs).

    Can a hurricane "suck up" oily water and "rain it down" inland NO.

    If that were true, there would be a dead zone around the coast from salt water being "sucked up" inside hurricanes.

    The last poster mentioned the surge, that will be devastating enough! ALWAYS when a hurricane (or tropical storm) comes ashore low lying areas flood. Most of these floods go unreported by the news. Who cares if Joe the Plumber's house has 3 ft of water in the kitchen, and 3 city blocks of cars have water over the hood?

    But, add crude oil and I'm sure the media will be falling over themselves to show us the "mess".

    And talk about "legitimate claims" I know people who filed claims after hurricanes for water damage "inside" their cars, and were PAID! One guy told me he left his window down!!!

    I'm sure BP and BO have already agreed that oil soaked useless land is NOT BP'S FAULT. Just like the homes lost during Katrina, if you had hurricane (wind damage) insurance, you didn't collect!!! You had to have FLOOD insurance, not many did. During the housing boom mortgage PIMPS didn't ask if you had a job.... They sure as hell weren't going to tell you you should pay another $1500.oo a year for FEMA flood insurance.

    I hope this storm scenario doesn't play out, the Gulf is f'd the was it is.