can a emachine computer have 3 monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brokerboy, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. i have a emachine athlon xp 2400 and want to run 3 monitors on it. does anyone here have a emachine and have 3 monitors or more running on it? i right now have 2 and am told i can't add more. they say its a system problem is this true?
  2. ig0r


    I'm pretty sure it depends on your video card, what do you have? They are probably referring to the stock card when they save max 2 monitors
  3. the just put in a basic video card. i would buy a dual card but they seem to say it won't matter
  4. i heard once that emachines dont have any extra pci slots. that may be why they said you cant do it.
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    It's probably the motherboard BIOS that has the limitation. Many of the cheaper motherboards are like that. But, there's nothing stopping you from getting a better motherboard and snapping it into your eMachine--and considering that you can keep all the other components excepting maybe the cheapo stock video card, it shouldn't cost you too much to do.

    I discovered the BIOS limitation while trying to install dual video cards in an older Compaq system; their BIOS wasn't able to address the two video channels. So, I switched to a newer Dell box, and voila! Dual video. Triple video will be much more of a challenge...
  6. Many of the computers bought "off the shelf" don't have any room for additions or upgrades in their chasis or box because the manufacturer of the machine wants their customers to buy new computers in order to upgrade.

    Man, how was that for a run on sentence? My English teacher would be proud of me.
  7. Some mainboards have an awful BIOS, that will NOT let you disable things like video, sound or network. That makes it *difficult*, sometimes impossible to add a better card, because it conflicts with the mainboard harware. That could explain their explanation!