Can a Broker-Dealercustomer be a subscriber of an ECN?

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    Can a Broker-Dealer customer be a subscriber of an ECN? And, why would HLV Capital CEO be representing himself as a subscriber? Isn't that the responsibility of the principal of the Broker-Dealer? Who is in control of Solaris Securities, Chris Cox?


    BROOKLYN, NY—July 12, 2005—Track Data Corporation (NASDAQ: TRAC) today announced that its Track ECN (Market Participant ID: “TRAC”) has added HLV Capital as a new subscriber. The signup comes on the heels of Track’s new pricing policy, which allows traders to take away liquidity from its book for only 2.5 mils per share.

    “The 2.5 mil takeout fee is key,” said Charlie Vaccaro, President, HLV Capital Inc. “We’re looking at substantial savings using Track ECN, as compared to paying 3 mils charged by Nasdaq and the other ECN’s.”

    “The 2.5 mils per share takeout fee has been piquing interest among traders, which is helping to grow our subscriber base,” said Joe Schultz, Vice President of Track ECN. “We’re publicizing the new rates in our ‘Hit us first!’ advertising campaign. We are happy to welcome HLV Capital as a new subscriber.”

    When you send your order directly, Track ECN will first sweep its book, charging you 2.5 mils per share for the liquidity you take. Then, if Track ECN needs to route out part or all of your order, the ECN will charge you 3 mils per share routed out.


    Order Type Rebate for Adding Liquidity Fee for Taking Liquidity

    Internal Match $0.0023 $0.0025

    Match via Nasdaq SuperMontage $0.0027 $0.0030

    The 2.5 mils per share takeout fee is available on all orders sent through a "direct connection" to Track ECN, even orders from non-subscribers. "Direct connection" excludes orders sent through third parties, such as other ECNs, Nasdaq's SuperMontage, or any other Exchange. You must be a subscriber to get the rebate for adding liquidity.

    Additional information about Track ECN’s price schedule can be obtained at the ECN’s web site,, or by calling Joe Schultz at 1-718-260-4282.


    Track ECN competes with six other ECNs, down from a dozen when Track ECN commenced business. The three largest competitors are Archipelago (Pacific: AX), Instinet (Nasdaq: INGP) and Nasdaq/Brut (Nasdaq: NDAQ).


    HLV Capital is a New York based privately owned trading firm. Its traders benefit from the firm’s volume trading discounts, buying power leverage, and the sharing of the company’s expertise in trading. HLV Capital is among the fastest growing proprietary trading firms in the nation.

    Track Data Corporation is a New York-based financial services company that provides direct access brokerage, real-time financial market data, news, and research to institutional and individual investors through dedicated telecommunication lines and the Internet.

    For professional investors, Track Data Securities offers proTrack, a direct access trading platform with fully integrated market data. proTrack offers unbiased trade routing, allowing clients control over where their orders are sent. proTrack is also available to broker-dealers under a service bureau arrangement as an execution platform.

    For individual investors, Track Data Securities offers myTrack and TrackTrade, both fully integrated, Internet-based online trading and market data systems. Each platform offers direct access online trading, allowing users the choice of where to route their equity and options orders. myTrack and TrackTrade offer continuous, dynamic streams of live market data powered by application-based software and a constant server connection similar to systems used by professionals.

    For all investors, the Company’s NewsWare division offers NewsWatch, a PC-based application that aggregates news from thousands of sources. Featuring real-time full text filtering and complex queries, its real-time alerting functions allow users to choose topics of interest and be among the first to know when news breaks.

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