Campbell, John Henry Get Losses on Carry Trade Exit

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by SethArb, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Would you be willing to allocate money to those guys when they're getting bad press?
  2. Daal


    let me understand, this guy was losing money during the carry trade craze now he is losing again because the carry is reversing. he dropped 75% which means he could've easly lost it all had some bad political event happened, way to go henry
  3. The "75%" is mostly the withdrawl of money by customers, not capital losses from trading.
  4. They lost about 75% of his Assets under managment (AUM)........not 75 % in losses.......there goes those big management fees that mangement lives off of. How sad to see this happening. It most be a new age of risk and money managments methods as these older experienced firms have been out to lunch. So sad.
  5. Of course, that's historically the best time to put money into hedge funds. Journalists know nothing about markets and alternative investments in particular.
  6. mokwit


    With 10,000 hedgefund and 10,000 stocks it is just as difficult to pick the right fund as it is the right stock - but at least the stock will let you buy it without asking questions about your house in the Hamptons etc.