Campbell Brown challenges Rush Limbaugh...

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  1. a debate.

    To which he still hasn't responded. I wonder why?

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    Let's be honest. It's difficult to debate women if you're a man because of the double standard. If you dive in too hard, you look misogynist. If you tread too lightly, you look like you're kid gloving her because she's a woman.

    She should challenge Ann Colter to a debate.
  3. Watch the 1-minute video. She asked Limbaugh to debate Ali Velshi of CNN, whom Limbaugh called incompetent and a disservice to his business.

    Ann Coulter is a woman?
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    The premise of the debate was to get the two leaders of the parties together and create the bipartisanship that Obama claimed he wanted. Maybe the word claim should be in italics.

    Campbell Brown is not the leader of the democratic party. She and her ilk at CNN are just cheerleaders for the democrats. Nothing more. Except in their own minds. Leaders of political parties like Rush don't waste their time with flunkies.
  5. Did you watch the 1-minute video, or is that too much of a commitment for you? So it is less appropriate for a journalist to have a debate with a radio show host that it is for that radio show host to debate the president? What a fascinating world you live in.
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    Oh. Thread title and opening post made it seem as if she was going to debate him.

    Yes, but that's according to scientific conjecture. But it's all we have to go on right now. If you look closely, which I don't recommend, you can kind of see why they hold that view.
  7. Oh come one, Limfattybaugh is plenty woman enough to deal with Campbell Brown...

    Hell, his man boobs are bigger than Brown's anyway...

  8. I remember something I found funny in regard to Ms. Brown. It was quite awhile back, but she was stuck at some Republican rally and when the camera went to her the look on her face was priceless. To say she looked like she wanted to be someplace else is an understatement. Kinda' like a woman on the road, coming back to her room and finding the batteries were dead in the electronic love device. :eek:
  9. Rush as the leader of the republican party, oh I do love the sound of that...

    Rush facts:

    -College Dropout
    -Size of a small Island in the West Indies...dude is beyond fat.
    -Rejected for military service because of some problems with warts on his bunghole.
    -3, yes count them...3 failed marriages ending in divorce
    -Junkie--synthetic heroin drug addict. Must submit to random drug tests as part of his plea deal.
    -Has problems getting it up. Caught by authorities with Viagra at the airport...and his name wasn't on the prescription.
    -Failed Television Show...dude has a face and body for radio only.
    -Fired by ESPN in 2003 for racist comments about Donovan McNabb

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