Campaign to Pull Glenn Beck Off the Air Gains Momentum, Here and Abroad

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  1. Beck's Fox News show advertisers are dropping like flies. Will the ad exodus take him off-air, or will Fox continue to foot the bill for its propaganda goals?
    February 17, 2010
    The movement to pressure Fox News into assessing the financial viability of Glenn Beck's controversial talk show is gaining steam -- particularly overseas. In the United Kingdom, as of Tuesday, Beck's show had run without a single paid advertisement for six days in a row.
  2. Censorship through intimidation, a fundamental premise of liberals.
  3. Ricter


    Fox will make a busines decision, no need to imply ulterior motives.
  4. jem


    the funny thing now that he is bringing in authors and history - he is becoming more watchable. I actually learned a few things when switching over during Olympics commercials.

  5. YOU'RE FULL OF CRAP, COMMIE! Beck's a purveyor of the TRUTH... and the Obamloons don't like the light he shines on them.

    For those of you who don't know, Beck merely "states the facts"... show videos of what the politicos say where they contradict their prior words... cite quotes, cite the constitution. Of course, all of this points out that the Left Socialists are FREQUENT liars and thieves... no wonder they don't like it.

    No "propaganda" of any sort.

    To be fair, Bush was also a liar and thief!!
  6. You agree with what Beck says?
  7. Ricter


    Is that "TRUTH", with a capital "T", Scat?

    ; )
  8. No
  9. Remember when the women of hate from the left put pressure on The Masters in Augusta for some reason. The Masters went commercial free.
    Beck will not leave the air because of lack of commercials. The money will find its way to Beck, watchdog of Obama.
  10. Leave the blowhard on the air, eventually he will self destruct...probably on the air.

    After all, most Fox viewers, being redneck NASCAR fans live for the crash...and Beck will crash hard!

    I wouldn't put an on the air suicide attempts beyond his scaly self promotion...
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