Campaign Reform

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  1. One simple rule to clean up political corruption and power influencing by $ payolas.

    Contributions can only be made by registered voters and limited to $2500 which is required to be published and fully disclosed by recipient.

    Any government employee, candidate accepting any type of gift, contribution that is not in strict accordance with the one rule stated above is immediately discharged, required to make treble restitution to our treasury and barred for life from ever being a govt employee in any capacity or ever holding any public office. Strict enforcement of one strike rule.

    Any person, entity or otherwise that is not a registered voter or who has exceeded the maximum contribution disclosed or otherwise is charged with aiding, abetting or influencing a government agency, employee or candidate are required to make treble restitution to our treasury, lose voting privileges for life and ability to work or contract with any govt program. A non expungible felony record will be assigned to all in involved.

    Clean house in one swift and simple step.
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    Good luck.
  3. Ricter


    It won't clean house to the extent you believe, imho, because it is more often the rich, and their descendants, who run for office, and they are free to spend their own money.

    After they win, it's a subtle legislative spin here, and another there, reiterate over time, and next thing you know the law seems to favor those who have all the gold.

    I like your idea, I would not vote against it, but mid to long term it won't change much.
  4. Well in the spirit of this one rule the candidate himself is limited to contributing $2500 in any one year.

    There would be an absolute cap on the funds available to politicians.

    The problem are deals law firms and corporations currently cut with our elected officials and high ranking military personnel. ie. Award us the contract to build these bombers, retire and we'll put you on our payroll as a consultant for 1M a year. It's all really shady crap.

    Take a look at how many past politicians are calling in favors as lobbyists for 7 figures.

    All these guys need to be in Jailed.

  5. BSAM


    I'd rather first see term limits.

    If you get term limits, you'll get campaign reform. If you just get campaign reform, you won't get enforced term limits. When enough people get mad, they will send people to Congress who will begin to fix things. Right now the "fix" is already in. Term limits eliminates a myriad of corruption problems in our country.

    You are aware that the foxes are guarding the hen houses, no?
  6. Term limits for the top dog are moot. Stopping the money flow, criminalizing influence peddling with strict one strike and your out forever show trials with highly publicized penalties would end the corruption. Rewarding whistle blowers will likely create an avalanche of claims.

    The top dogs are merely puppets... all the power wielding and pay for play occurs at the cabinet and committee levels... all the way down to purchasing agents who set up consultancies to teach companies how to win contracts for $10k.

    If they cross the line they should lose everything without mercy... All pensions, benefits etc. blacklisted for life.
  7. Lucrum


    I "hope" for term limits and I'd like to see some real "change" with Campaign Reform as well.

    Now if we only had a true "hope and change" "yes we can" candidate with the integrity and back bone to push it through.
  8. Yannis


    Incumbents Are Not Entitled To Their Seats

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  9. You want campaign reform? Here it is.
    Anyone running for elected office cannot say anything negative about their opponent(s), or their opponents party. Nothing! They can only talk about their own ideas and solutions. The silence would be astounding, I'm sure.
  10. Lucrum


    I like this idea.
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