Campaign for term limits - get rid of 50yr incumbants

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  1. I received this in email form. The site is very simple and will ask you to donate but you don't have to give anything to participate


    We have been chosen to participate in Operation Paul Revere, sponsored by Citizens for Term Limits and Tenure Corrupts.

    Paul Revere? That’s right. Our model is the famous Colonial patriot whose midnight ride ignited the American Revolution. Together we can make freedom ring again in 2006. Together we can bring back clean politics with a fresh Congress in Washington. How? Read on.

    We know that 75 per cent of Americans favor constitutionally-required congressional term limits. That's 75 percent who think just like we do!

    Now we are spreading the word about fulfillment of our shared national vision -- congressional term limitation in the U. S. Constitution. Our revolution will be peaceful, but no less earthshaking than was Paul Revere’s. We can all strike a blow for liberty today, just as the Patriots of Paul Revere's day did then. We can take our country back for the children of our future.

    We will prevail simply by networking through our friends. And friends of our friends. And friends of their friends. And we’re asking you to ride with us as we mount up. Instead of mounting up on a horse like Paul Revere did, we are all mounting our e-mail address lists.

    We have term limitation comrades and allies all across America. By working through our comrades and allies we can blitz the country in a very short period of time. Then we will present the following petition:

    To the President of the United States and the U. S. Congress: We present to you our petition for congressional term limitation, our petition to amend the United States Constitution to provide for limits of six years in each chamber -- that is, the limit of one six-year term in the U. S. Senate, and the limit of three two-year terms in the U. S. House of Representatives.

    Respectfully, the following American patriotic citizens:

    This will be so loud and so strong that they will have to pay attention. After all, whose country is it? Did Paul Revere ride more than two and a quarter centuries ago so we could lose our nation to Washington's squalid political rot in the third millennium?

    Of course not. By reclaiming our Congress we will be restoring our country and its future for ourselves and our posterity, our children and their unborn children.

    This will take only a very minimum of effort. We have made it easy for everyone to participate in Operation Paul Revere. First, do not delete this message. Please save this message for later forwarding. Then with a mouse click we can each register with Paul Revere 2006 - - so each of our names can be included in our petition to Congress and the President.

    Next _ this is essential _ we immediately forward this letter to everyone in each of our respective e-mail address books, all of our e-mail friends. The sooner we all do this, the sooner we all forge ahead, and the more names we each add, the faster and more spectacular will be our growth in names on our petition.

    We will be riding together to save our country from tyranny, just as Paul Revere did two and a quarter centuries ago. What a great opportunity! What a wonderful privilege! What a special occasion to regain hope for our children’s future!

    Now is the moment in history which our children and their descendants will remember with pride and commemoration long after we are gone.

    Then here is what all of us -- you and we -- need to do:

    1. Click below to go to our special Paul Revere 2006 website so we may each add our names to the petition. Our names will be enshrined on this historic petition which we will deliver to the President and to Congress, to restore our country. Other family members are encouraged to sign the petition as well. Then . . .

    2. Go immediately to our own e-mail address books and forward this letter to all of our e-mail friends. Two steps are all it takes, but results will be felt for generations.

    We will be striking a blow for a peaceful term limitation revolution in 2006. We are grateful that you are coming with us. History will be grateful as well.

    Ronald Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Now our turn has come to defend the barricades, for God and Country _ and for the generations who will follow us.

    For our children and their unborn descendants -- Act Now!

    At your service,

    Rense Johnson, Chairman
    Citizens for Term Limits

    Nelson Walker, Chairman
    Tenure Corrupts

    For a Fresh Congress
  2. Although I doubt politicians will ever approve this, I signed the petition, because I think this is the only thing that can get this country back on track. At least, I hope it will.

    On the other hand, it could create more corruption, because the politicians will hoard more special interest money, and vote in fatter pension benefits for themselves. Stinking politicians.
  3. I'm with you...something has to be done and I think this would make a huge difference.

    I really don't think it would be possible that term limits could cause any negative consequences. (most of) The special interest money goes to the campaign funds so if there no re-election campaigns then special interest would lose power.

    As a temporary job there really shouldn't be any pension benefits. The benefits they have now are disgusting but I believe they are calculated based on time in office.
  4. Lucrum


    I doubt it will ever get approved either but I signed anyway.

    I'm all for it.