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  1. WAWTU31


    Is this stock going to zero today?

    CPN 0.34 -0.17 -33.33%

    Hedgies are shaking things loose with this company right rid of the CEO & CFO in the same week.

    Buyer of the Bonds or Stock, what say you?
  2. buy stock only for a trade. sure looks like a bk coming.
  3. WAWTU31


    I grabbed a shitty 5,000 shares for giggles
  4. WAWTU31


    S 5,000 @ 41

    Not bad for a piker!
  5. Big court date back in Delware over $312 million in asset sales coming up this Thursday.
    If the court negates Calpines appeal, this will really open the door for a BK and restructuring.

    Buy the stock.
    A declaration of a BK should pop it pretty hard for a trade, perhaps by as much as $1.00 to $1.50

  6. WAWTU31


    CPNL is the new symbol

    0.34 +0.06 today.

    63,093,339 million shares today.
  7. Ikspec


    Nope. Anyone with a modicum of brain power can figure out that the equity is worthless. Most of the subordinate post-2000 debt is only going to get 19% recovery on their claims, the equity isn't popping more than a few centers.
  8. It's not about the past, only the future my friend.
    By the way . . . I find it interesting that such a post on Calpine would attract your attention, especially given that you have not posted at all over the past 6 months.

    Nice to see you back in time for the Holidays!