Calm before the storm?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by adadadog, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. vix is at teens again; last time that happened was before the latest crash.
    Shorts got burned in this latest rally and turned into longs. Everyone is long or stays side way. You need other side of fence,which is absent. :confused:
  2. risky63


    you is right.....waitin on earnins....den watch out.
    theres a wabbit in da woodpile
  3. I ture hope toe.
  4. ehhhhh, whats up doc.

    Lets hold off on the short speculation until we see some signs in the market that are telling us to short. Seems like there's a thread on this every other day.
  5. snp500


    Agreed with the previous poster. The planets (intermarket correlations in this case) must align to give a proper signal.

    Currently it'll be key to watch whether or not QM is forming a larger daily channel and if the higher prices in the EC will hold.

    The debt gets to the bottom of everything, so that also means watch the 10yr. It is my suspicion -- alongside a few other professional traders -- that we may be in for a failed auction this year. IF that occurs, then that could potentially be the impetus for a large correction.
  6. Nice its gonna be calm for 15 years, by that time all the daytraders wud have been flipping burgers