Calls for new PWA - Public Works Admin / Jobs needed

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  1. Congress is calling for a new public works administration, however....

    whether it happens or not, the need is overwhelming.....

    simple job application:

    1) Name, address, etc., etc., etc.

    2) Health - got pulse? Y|N ____

    3) Work history -- looking for work? Y|N ____

    then see what makes America so great!

    PS. If this seems too overly optimistic, then just imagine having no hope, like so many millions do now with no job prospect in sight, even at 50% less than what they were earning just weeks, months ago...

    PSS. Perhaps an overly optimistic approach is needed
  2. So long as global corporations are using child/slave labor to build their products and goods, I can't think of a better idea than having U.S. citizens applying for and receiving jobs aimed at improving/modernizing America's infrastructure.

    A bullet train, traveling at speeds of 150 mph, like in Japan, would be a nice asset for consumers and businesses.

    Fixing bridges and overpasses, and smoothing out tire eating potholes would be a plus, too.
  3. It will be an economic fiasco just like in the 30's.

    Besides it very likely will just end up a vote buying program just like in the 30's also. If you don't support the right candidate you lose your job.
  4. Well I got news for you: it isn't taxation and gov't spending nor does it involve creating more dollars out of thin air.
  5. creating jobs, hmmmm

    how that topic metamorphisizes into some other discussion is beyond me...

    just ask those family heads with hungry children and and bills to pay, what they would give for that opportunity?

    not sure who's participating on these threads anymore, but it increasingly seems like disconnected well off types...

    remember, those little people crunching under your wingtips when you leave work, are the common men....

    they won't take but so much crunching under foot, but for so long...

    talk about the 1930's, hmmm
  6. Great idea, maybe they could start at Ground Zero.

    It might be nice to see something built there.

    Most of the work done in this country is concentrated on how to stop whomever from doing anything.

    A PWA project in this country would be a lawyers (unions, OSHA, ACLU, EPA) fertile field.
  7. Talk of gov't creating jobs is a misnomer.

    All the govt can do in your precious PWA is extract taxes from those who are productive and misallocate resources as busywork.
  8. we'd better increase the guest worker programs to find workers for these jobs

    all kidding aside, with all this talk about needing to create jobs, has it occurred to anyone that we DONT HAVE A SHORTAGE OF WORKERS and it's time to shut down the guest worker programs?
  9. Agreed.
    And the H1B Visa programs.

    Engineering programs are being closed because engineering graduates can not get jobs, yet companies are certifying a shortage so that H1Bs can be imported. Sick
  10. No fiasco. The economic return on dams, power plants, bridges, water systems, etc. built in the 1930's has been many times greater than the invested sunk cost to build them.

    Public infrastructure is the foundation on which the private economy functions. Private industry cannot prosper without electricity, water, sewage, transportation, waste disposal and flood control. In most cases the value of the infrastructure is greater than the taxes collected to build them.

    I have no doubt that $800 billion in public works stimulus would stimulate the economy to a far greater extent than giving $800 billion to a bunch of banks.
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