Calling you out Ricter

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  1. LEAPup


    How is it that you can actually come back here day after day posting your liberal nonsense, when you were caught lying to the other ET members? A very blatant lie! You said you sailed into port, and were on the Orlando "Beach," then "bonked" a local waitress in a swamp.

    Here's what you said:

    Here's a map of Florida. Please note, Orlando is in the MIDDLE OF THE STATE!

    And anyone who lives here knows NO LOCAL GAL WOULD SCREW IN A SWAMP!!! No one here swims in ponds due to gators, cotton mouths, eels, snapping turtles big enough to remove half a person's foot, etc., [​IMG]

    You need to apologize for your complete lack of integrity ricter! I can't stand a liar, and you are the epitome of one!
  2. pspr


    But.... I have a picture of Rectum sailing into Orlando.

    <img src= width=300 height=401>
  3. LEAPup


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all we need is the beach to come inland about 75 miles.:D
  4. wjk


    Stay tuned. I've heard that AGW will create just such a scenario.
  5. In his world, if a liberal democrat says there is a beach in Orlando, the media immediately confirm it and pretty soon every Hollywood celebrity is talking knowingly about the wonders of the beaches in Orlando and how laughable those ignorant Tea Party morons are to doubt it.

    Moreover, Obama is a great president and leader and Hillary was one of our best Secretarys of State.
  6. Lucrum


    Well...she did travel a lot. LOL
  7. pspr


    Long before that happens, there is a mountain on the other side of the Atlantic that is due to have a massive land slide into the ocean one day. The resulting Tsunami will probably roll completely over Florida maybe pushing Orlando over to the Tampa area. :D
  8. LEAPup


    So true. And I'd understand if these loons were smoking crack, or huffing paint, but they're spewing this lunacy stone cold sober.:confused: :eek:
  9. LEAPup


    On a serious note, I have heard something of that sort. My Colorado Family likes to rile me up (Luke already knows I'm high strung:D ), and tell me about something like you posted. I'm on the coast. If that happens, I guess they may find my body floating at what may be an Orlando beach. Lol
  10. wjk


    I believe that is Cumbre Vieja. If that's not enough, Yellowstone is about due, too. Tsunamis on the coast, mountains of ash in flyover. RUN!!!!![​IMG]
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