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  1. To be honest I hardly get the time these days to look in on ET. But trader28 you wrote a very sweet thread 'Simple Profitable Method' to help amateurs. You should keep up your observations. You always keep it simple with black and white answers.
  2. I'm curious as well.

    He has had many handles, and I heard through the threads that perhaps the moderators were giving him heat.

    I've read his posts on other threads and it sounds like he pisses off the thread leaders a lot. Perhaps the moderators nabbed him..... again.

    Too bad too. I thought SPM was excellent.
  3. Have we found T28?

    Certainly sounds like him:D
  4. Oh dear indeed.


    Do you think you could contribute to the SPM? I think a lot of us would like that.

  5. What else is there to contribute? Read the first 100 posts and you will get it. No need to drag it forever. :D :D :D
  6. I think T2800 finally decided to live up a little (with all those well documented profits in P/L thread), and is probably enjoying a fine wine a fine cigar and a fine woman. Then again being under 21 might make some of those activities illegal. As for the opposite sex, well ... his passion for Jack has been well documented. You know what they say hate and love are very similar. Who knows maybe he is on the plane coming over from the roo land with a ring and a proposal to see if Jack is ready to bend his rules and .... help him learn his method of trading. Then again .... his life is ET and he will not be able to stay away. Pathetic and sad but where else will people actually listen to what he has to say.
  7. I understand.

    Makes sense.
    I agree after a few pages it got diluted. I think that's why many want more info, because it's been a little scatter-brained over the second half of the pages.

    I'm just sorry because I saw it way late. And I wanted to run with everyone at the time.

    No worries,

    Great thread.
  8. Quark


    Indeed. Wasn't he the guy who "discovered" his own SPM on his simulator? A few kind ET'ers schooled him that day trading was a bit more complicated than simply buying the bid and then immediately selling the ask (or vice versa).
  9. I am sure that technique was never used by anybody. I guess WSJ and NYT do not reach your neck of the woods.
    I am sure that you are a super trader and the P/L thread is regularly updated with your numbers.

  10. Still dreaming brother, and working hard at getting there. So far no trade, however, unlike you I WILL post them in the P/L thread will you post yours?

    The dream of escaping trailer park is as strong as the shame that comes from being drunk, dirty, smelly, sitting all day in front of the supermarket asking tourist for a freaking pennies to get more drunk and discussing. However, I am sure I do not have to draw on your vistas to formulate my goals, but it helps.
    Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night (no, not like you with a stiff... neck and taste of hershey's bar DNA in your mouth), and think how ashamed i would be to have this kind of reality to witness. Are you guys gonna do something about it????
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