Calling the beginning at the newbies make market calls.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Why does everyone think they know everything about the market?
  2. More importantly (imho) is the question of why so many people are coming to this board recently asking "what's the best way to get into trading?". Is this the beginning of the rollover from real estate into equities? Or is ET just marketing their site differently somehow?

    - The New Guy
  3. its the illusion of easy money.
  4. But that's always been there... what's different now?

    - The New Guy
  5. you seem like the only one who apparently knows everything about the markets... judging by your posts that are always critiquing and judging others on here, such as you're doing right now by using hyperbole to say "know everything".

    I have never met anyone who actually came across to me as knowing "everything" about anything... confident yes, even arrogant a little, maybe ... but never actually claiming to know "EVERYTHING"!

    So why do you always use HYPERBOLE in your posting? Maybe you're merely projecting your own narrow view of the world onto others.

  6. Read your own posts. You seem to think you know everything. But its all nonesense. What the markets (I talk stocks) do is more a result of human emotions than how well the companies are doing, therefore no one can determine what the markets will do. That's why predictions are worthless. Trading is always a gamble, you just need to make the best educated guess and hope it works, and if it doesn't have your stops in place.
  7. well said.
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  9. Touche'

    Yet another reason why this Forum and much of ET has gone down the tubes and a rare thread of value is ever found these days.