calling stocks "puppies"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by SethArb, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. do Pro's ever use this terminology?

    or is it amateur's who say things

    like "this puppy" is going to fly !

    I never have heard or read any prominent

    money manager say

    we love "this puppy" !!

  2. I thought puppies was an endearing term for breasts
  3. Jaime


    Those are sweater kittens actually

  4. Lucrum


    I'm not a pro but admit that sometimes I refer to the NDX as the Nasdoggie.
  5. T280


    I'm pretty sure it's blouse bunnies
  6. Drew07


    I used to work at a Country Club where most of our members were old. I talked stocks with this one guy regularly and he called them puppies.......perhaps its an old fashioned term.
  7. bighog

    bighog Guest

    WOW, ET gets sophisticated and politically correct.. :D

    Actually, truth be known, stocks are indeed old fashioned puppies. Trade stock index etc.. .. :)

    Someone needs a hobby.
  8. You have the Dogs of the Dow. Puppies might be a derivative.:D
  9. Most pro traders would agree that properly researching, monitoring and handling puppies all rate high on their stack index.

    Others, more old-fashioned and less-sophisticated, would just chart the peaks and valleys as a hobby, rather than as pairs.
  10. T280


    Are we talking about breasts again?
    #10     Feb 7, 2007