CALLING OUT THE TFF group (struggling w/ entry)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by taoistmon, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. just wondering ... how is your trading going lately. as of 2011?
    are you guys experiencing the same 'difficulties' as everyone else in terms of making consistent profits? have you guys tweaked your trading method at all? lol im also going to take a guess at this and say yes you did make some adjustments
    i am working on a version 2.0
    soo perhaps i will share if it is successful

    perhaps i can ask a few questions
    as i am struggling a little bit with the entry

    i seem to get shaken out very easily.
    i do not believe i need to take more than a 10 cent risk on a stock
    but if you guys say 20 cent is adequate risk.. what is to stop the.. 'computers' from knowing your pattern of risk tolerance and just always shaking you out for 20 cents? or even 10 cents for that matter?
    or have i become sooo cynical that i believe the markets are out to get me. which i do believe they are out to get everyone. shake everyone out if they can.

    im guessing your answer might be somewhere along the lines of (you normally catch the big/real wave later on)

    i guess i need to test out my strategy a lot more.