Calling on all professional crypto traders...

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What are the key features/tools missing from Professional Crypto Exchanges?

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  1. NEWS - real-time global news feeds

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  2. RESEARCH - daily/weekly fund.&tech. expert analysis

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  3. ANALYSIS - in-depth crypto analytics, tech indicators, performance

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  4. DESKTOP TERMINAL - advanced trading workstation

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  5. TOOLS (analysis) - market scanning, comparisons, volatility etc...

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  6. TOOLS (predictive) - signals, predictive charts, sentiment etc..

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  7. TOOLS (algo) - trade strategy development & testing tools

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  8. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - performance analytics, reporting

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  1. patt89


    Crypto exchanges are severely lacking advanced features and tools for a professional level trading experience. Not including the need to execute advanced order types and trade with margin/leverage, theres some fundamental functionality missing from professional crypto exchanges.

    Have a look at the poll below and cast a vote for what you believe is needed most to improve the professionalism of crypto exchanges.
  2. 1- Security
    2- A real product
    3- See #1
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  3. Sprout


    You’ve identified why they are easily manipulated.
  4. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    A real trading exchange will guarantee delivery.

    A real trading exchange will enforce an orderly market.

    A real trading exchange will have a market maker program in place to ensure liquidity.

    A real trading exchange will not allow market participants and product inventory to be compromised and stolen by thieves.
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  5. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    Did OP start this thread because crypto exchanges have been closing (thanks to outright theft and Central Banks) and he wants to start a new exchange ? :cool:
  6. alistera


    The datasets are useless stalling pricing, you can't trade under 1minute timeframe, when there's a market move they all freeze due to the first one, and crypto is going nowhere anytime soon anyway so it really doesn't matter. Basically crypto exchanges have no concept of how capital market brokerages work, namely because crypto lacks liquidity but that's not their fault.
  7. CSEtrader


    Not in our case, Arca says they are not intrested to enforce UBS to provide proof that our order wrre really sent on exchange. So, our real qorld jave a lot to improve too. Certainly er are not crypto, steel, if you are trading on USA excjange and yoy and your nroket ate not in USA, it dtill be a lot to be improved.
  8. MrMuppet


    While I agree with everything else you said, I'm sooooo glad that crypto exchanges basically don't do this.

    I absolutely hate the fact that entrance barriers got higher and higher for traditional markets and I'm absolutely not willing to pay ridiculous membership fees plus ridiculous infrastructure costs plus a premium to access the premium data feed in order to make a market.

    In crypto it's the same shit for everyone: lag, trash API's, liquidity holes, wash trades etc. but at least everyone has access to the same fee structure and even when an exchange has commissions based on volume tier, they aren't so high that an ambitious individual trader cannot reach them.

    To be honest, I'm so glad I made the switch over to cryptos and left futures behind. Here the smarter guy still wins, not the one with 50k/month spare change to spend on infrastructure.
  9. rb7


    Vino on Friday night and at the same time posting on ET is not a good mix...:D
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  10. CSEtrader


    And not wearing glasses, still reluctant to put on. Thank you for pointing .:sneaky:
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