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  1. I have been a lurker here for several years and only made one reply, but I have a confession. I quit. Perhaps some of you will recognize yourself. I traded part time for a number of years and then day traded stocks full time for about ten years. I started with about 5K 20 years ago and built it up to over 1.4 million until about about six years ago. I made money every year until about six years ago. I have put two kids through expensive colleges (one Ivy) and paid all living expenses out of my profits over the years.

    I started losing $$ about six years ago and continued to pay the bills out of my savings (profits from previous years). I wake up every morning now and dread trading and am afraid to pull the trigger many times. I believe it is an addiction and am quitting while I still have at least 60K left. I will either go back to my older profession or open my own business since I am now in my mid 50s and afraid I will not be hired.

    Obviously I should have quit when I had my 1.4 million but I was and am addicted to trading.

    I am writing this probably as therapy and maybe a few of you will recognize yourselves to be in a similar position.

    I hope to never see another stock and will just dollar cost average into mutual funds from here on .

    Good luck to all.
  2. This looks like a reprint of another post ... buh-bye! :p
  3. I have to be honest. Im not fake.

    I have been closely reading and trading along with William Rennick and his thread "Urgent message from Rennick". I have lost so much cash by following that thread.

    At least this closingtrend website will help me bring back some cash into my accounts.
  4. Someone posted this exact post, exactly the same wording about 6 months ago.

    I often wonder what these people did before the internet gave them a fantasy life.
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  6. I think it's almost time for class now. Run along little girl.
  7. This is the EXACT same post as someone awhile back.
    Seriously, you need help.

  8. It's a con that's often run here. Some shill posts a wah, wah, I'm quitting after X number of years of trying because I suck and then another shill working for the same site or chat room posts about how all the quitter needs to do is sign up for an overpriced chat room and they would be a phenominal success. LOL.:confused:
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  10. lol. Sounds like someone got their hands caught in the cookie jar.... Nice.
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