Calling it quits and saying goodbye to ET

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  1. I've been trying to make it as a trader for eight years. I have yet to have a profitable year. I have been living off my savings from a previous venture and that is now below $75K.

    Everyone I talk to says to quit. My family thinks I am just a gambler. My psychiatrist thinks I am addicted to trading.

    I don't know what to do. I'm 51 and alone. My last two girlfriends left because they were worried about my finances and couldn't deal with the down days.

    I have no idea where to turn from here. What am I supposed to put on a resume - eight years as a daytrader? I don't even want to work for someone else, anyway and don't know what else I would do.

    All I ever wanted was to find a consistent way to pull one point from the market and trade size as my account built up. I only need $200 per day to keep going.

    I'm sure I'm not the first failed trader being faced with these options. I could sure use some words of advice, though.
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    one step at a time, you can start by taking a hard look at your stock picks to date.
  3. Uhh, have you tried talking to friends, family or even a psychiatrist?

    However if you want some real solid quality advice from nice guys who know nothing about you and your circumstances, you could always post in ET. We've got some real heavyweight advisors in here so I'd hang on a bit before you say goodbye.
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    that's real fukin mean man :mad:

    OP good luck

    we are all lost souls in a way
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    wait a minute, this was posted before

    OP is scamming us

    he posts this in order to milk out some trading tips
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    here are a few points to consider
    1. Get a day job and paper trade until you are consistently profitable
    2.Keep it simple e.g. get to know 1 index like S&P 500 really well
    3. Enjoy it. Mix in excercise and meeting people
  7. lol, the OP's a troll, he's been posting emotive garbage intended to elicit a response for ages using different handles (come to think of it he's not the only one, eh 'rtp100'! )

    C'mon, I thought you were more in the zone than that :D
  8. The answer has been right under your nose here lo those 8 years: Jack Hershey's SCT! Only overweening pride could have kept you from accepting Jack as your savior.
  9. no, he has tried for 8 years, thats enough. Its much easier for him to stop it completely like smoking or drugs.
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    I think you should have quit a long time ago.

    8 years of trying is way too long. Life is too short to waste it like that.

    2-3 years is more than enough to figure out whether you can make it or not.

    Accept the fact that trading is not for everyone, no matter how hard you try.

    It's not a failure, don't blame yourself for not making it as a trader. It's just not the right job for you.

    Move on to something else, get a new girlfriend, and forget about trading.
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