calling another EOD rally

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  1. Time for a 400+ point push in the final hours of trading. Everything is priced in. No one cares about ADP report. no one care about the GM. No one cares about Citi or the recession. It has been disocunted.

    also note how the daily volume contracts until around 2:30-3:00 and then suddenly picks up with a huge white candle.

    seven out of the past tend days there have been end of day rallies.

    So load up now b4 the funds do.
  2. Stok


  3. the market won't rally until RFT says so...

    where is he?
  4. stock trad3r is 100% right. Rally will occur any second now.

  5. Gooooo Stock_Guess3r!
  6. If everything is priced in, why are you expecting a 400 point change in price?
  7. 8,800+ on the Dow at close
  8. Stock Turd3r = Right
    So called ET "experts" = Wrong
  9. still on the wrong side of the trade. The prudent choice is to go long.
  10. Everyone gets bailouts, it is party time for the market.

    From here on out no one big will fail.
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