Calling all successful FX traders

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How many consistently profitable FX futures or spot traders do you know personally?

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  1. theSnaggle

    theSnaggle Guest

    We are seeking successful FX traders for a series of interviews to be published in premium financial print and electronic media. Depending on the success of the series, there is the possibility for compilation of the interviews in a book in 2008. This is a good opportunity for successful private traders, both professional and retail, to raise their profile and/or attract investors. All styles and strategies are welcome under the conditions below.

    This project is similar to Alexander Elder’s Entries and Exits, but is focused on spot and futures FX traders and does not restrict candidates to one trading model. Like Dr. Elder’s book, the priority is on qualified people with proven track records and on the quality of the content. This project is different from the “Market Wizards” books in that the traders who will be interviewed are ordinary people who have made a living from trading, rather than “supertraders.” The premise is that aspiring traders will better relate to these experiences than to those of high flying market gurus interviewed by Jack Schwager.


    1. Must be a private professional or retail trader (prop firm and part time traders are okay).

    2. Minimum experience is 5 years, with three of those years being profitable. May combine retail and professional experience.

    3. Must present a minimum of six months' documentation, in the form of P/L statements from the broker/dealer.

    4. Professional traders must have a minimum of $200K in their trading account at the time of the interview.

    5. Retail traders must have a minimum of $20K in their trading account.

    6. FX spot or futures trading must comprise more than 40% of total monthly transactions, by value.

    7. Carry trades must not comprise more than 20% of total FX transactions.

    8. Professional traders must earn all of their income from trading. Those making a living from analysis, speaking seminars, and other services will not be considered. Retail and part time traders must earn a minimum of 30% of their total income from FX trading.


    A pre-qualification meeting will be arranged to determine how credentials will be established and how the interview should proceed. If both parties successfully agree to terms, the interviewer will email the questions to the interviewee well in advance. Should any questions be objectionable, they will be removed from the list. At this time, a contract will also be signed to protect the privacy of the trader. This process will be as collaborative as the trader has time for. The trader may reserve the right to retract the interview up until the final draft is submitted for publication.

    Interviews will last from one to two hours if conducted via chat client software (of interviewee’s choice). Interviewee may also choose to conduct the interview by email.

    No remuneration of any kind is promised or implied.

    For additional details please PM me or email:

    LonelyTrader AT gmail DOT com.

  2. theSnaggle

    theSnaggle Guest

    I rec'd a PM the other day that brought up some interseting points.

    1. The consistency between points 2 and 3 was questioned.

    2. The validity of point 7 was questioned. The words used were "totally misguided."

    I'd like to address these two points for clarification.

    First, we only require six months of documentation because we simply don't have time to pour over three years of P/L statements of active traders. We do require that the starting balance on teh account be reflected, as well as an accounting of all deposits throughout the history of each account. We also do not want to burden the trader with providing, in some cases, more than ten years of documentation unless they are willing and able. So, we are to some extent acting on faith, as the trader is acting on faith by granting the interview.

    Second, we do not mind long term directional traders and we certainly do not shun those traders or managers who make a significant portion of their profits from the carry. The respondent was quite right when he stated that we should not want to reject winning traders being long winning strategies when they work. However, there is a difference between a carry trading strategy and being long a winning strategy. In point of fact, we do not dispute that carry trades, as a strategy, are a viable profit vehicle and, for the time being, an essential part of one's portfolio. While we do not mind long term traders, we are looking for those who perhaps trade more frequently.

    To reiterate, we are trying to inspire everyday traders who perhaps do not have enough in their accounts to make real money on carry trades...yet. We want to show them how it is possible to go from $5,000 to much greater sums, despite the odds.

    Having said all that, tell us your story even if you don't fit the profile above. Try to tell it in terms the little guy can relate to. The folks over at Trader Monthly specialize in the glam trader. We specialize in the lonely trader.