Calling all Quants

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  1. If you are not serious about this post please do not PM me or waste your/my time responding.

    Quick Background: I trade futures (the ES) successfully and I've increased my account by approximately 6-fold this year -- I have stamped, verifiable brokerage statements to back this claim. I have the trading knowledge and ability to continue what I'm doing but I want to take my trading to the next level.

    I believe the answers to the movement of the market can be found in statistics - i.e. T-distribution vs. F-distribution. I use a very basic method of statistics to make money in the market but I want to develop a method of trading that can be automated (science), with the art (trader) in the background.

    Only problem, I have a working knowledge of C++ and a thorough understanding (not equivalents to a quant’s) knowledge of statistics (MBA in Analytical Finance). I am considering applying to the University of Chicago to fulfill these deficiencies but it would be much faster and much more profitable to find a person who already has these skills - i.e. a quant who doesn't know how to trade but wants to. I live in the South Chicagoland area but, as the world is flat, I would be open to talking with anyone from around the globe who has these talents.
  2. We have designed and automated successfully several trading systems for us and others. Our platform of choice is ESIGNAL with NINJATRADER automated trading interface. (esignals sends orders to ninjatrader to execute your trades)
  3. Do you have a background in Quantitative Analysis, and are you interested in knocking heads?

  4. We are a team of 2, my partner has a PhD in theorical chemistry (markets and small scale molecular behavior are very similar)

    we have developed custom tools to gather data and run very intensive stats and optimization routines.

    we are pretty efficient and proud of what we do.

    i dont want to know your exact method, but i need some details on how you enter exit conditions for entry exits what indicators youre looking at etc etc