Calling All Jimmy Jams

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  1. Hey guys and Jimmy Jam and all my other fans who love to howl at the moon.

    I know Cajun has been handling the ET questions and pros, and cons, and comments, and blistering anger from a few---slightly jealous---Jimmy Jammers.

    I have not had the pleasure of writing for a couple of months now. Of course I do pop in once in a while, not to say anything helpful, or educational or even marginally profitable to newbies or experienced traders alike---I don't work for free and want you guys to fork over that hard earned 10 bucks for a peek at a trading room which may just launch a full-time career for you.

    I feel more like the 85 Chicago Bears:

    I am here to start a little trouble:

    I just want to do a SUPER TRADER'S SHUFFLE.

    Now please, don't waste precious bandwidth with a quick hypothalamic burst of anger---blasting me and Puretick.

    I want a well-thought out blathering of curse words, whining and heapings of vituperative nonsense.

    New members will read, wonder which side is right, then sign up for my room.

    And no. Our room is not near full capacity---just possibly reaching the capacity for me to personally respond to traders' questions.

    Just one real comment about some trader's suggestion that he does not need a coach.

    Tell that to Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods.

    Unless Jimmy, you must be better than those guys.

    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)

    We do make money off the panic of others.
  2. this has gotta be one of the best ET threads in sometime.

    super funny! i'll try a free trial, sign me up--seriously.

  3. It's $10...but I'm sure you can handle it!
  4. nope, to get my marketing skills, if i like it, its gotta be free.


    ps. thats the bargain of the century, but it comes with the risk of me not liking it.......wonder if they are willing to take that challenge??
  5. Everybody needs a coach? Agreed, which begs the question Alex. Who is your coach?
  6. ZTrader888


    "New members will read, wonder which side is right, then sign up for my room."

    When you're desperate and give a $10 refund, one would wonder why anyone would sign up for the "room"???

  7. They come to me.....the coach's coach! :)
  8. opm8


    Why does everybody need a coach, supposedly? :confused:

  9. the coach thing is totally true. even the king SAC consults with ari kiev on performance. plus the dark lord soros has met with coach types at times.......

  10. I think everyone needs an objective assessment of their skills from time to time. Lack of humility has taken down many a great_________fill in the blank.
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