Calling All FX, Indices, and Crypto Traders! Trade up to $300K with Funding Talent

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    Funding Talent is a one of a kind funding program that provides capital to retail traders. You get access to trade with large capital up to 300K, with zero risk to your personal capital(except sign up fees). You receive trading supervision to help maintain risk management skills and encourage responsible trading behaviour. We have two models with unique features to help accomplish your goals as a trader, the flex model and the funding talent challenge model.


    Funding Talent is a one of a kind funding program for retail currency traders. We are scouting trading talent by allowing traders to show us first hand what returns they are capable of achieving.

    Our goal is to allow traders the opportunity to trade with a substantial capital, while also seeking out profitable traders to join our community and help grow our company. It’s really a win win!

    What we’re offering is revolutionary and will change the lives of many retail traders.

    I would like to introduce myself as well! My name is Logan and I am the personal connection between EliteTrader and Funding Talent. I am the Risk Manager & Partnership Lead.

    If you have any questions at all regarding the program or anything at all, feel free to reach out.
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    Why the re-direct when clicking web link?

    And area code 902 says Nova Scotia - is that correct? Not U.S. based?
  3. Overnight


    This is a new twist...

    "Traders must continue trading even if their account has experienced unrealized profit. This means that you are not allowed to abruptly stop trading once you are into profit (even if you do hit the 12 day minimum)..."

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  4. I smell a rotten fish....
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  5. Saxio


    Let me give an example on how this prop firms work :

    typically you pay around $500 to get a funded 100K account with max total loss/drawdown of 10K

    Let’s say 100 traders sign up and pay the fee of $500 , that is 50K income

    they put you on demo with certain targets and max drawdown parameters , typically minimum 20 trading days in about 3 months

    On average 10 % pass this test and get a funded live account.

    1 of these prop firms states on their website :

    ”Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors; on average,41.6% of traders we connect to backers are profitable .”

    so half of these 10% are stopped out from trading when they lose 10K , that is 5*10K = 5O K

    Netto : +50K - 50K = 0

    So in the end, the fees are used to pay for the losses of the losing traders and the upside for these firms is the small % of profitable traders
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    I would be glad to clear anything up for you if you have any questions.
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    This is to protect against DDOS attacks and hacks, a small inconvenience. Yes, we are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  8. Saxio


    Maybe you can tell us how much % traders pass the test and get a funded account and how many % of the funded traders are profitable ..

    which broker you use for live trading ?

    Do traders actually log into a live trading account or you use a demo and direct trades to a master account ?
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    100% of funded traders are also on sim.
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    I wish I could, I was informed as of right now those statistics will have to remain in house.

    For our Elite Accounts(our version of live) we use BlackBull Markets Prime accounts, or Funding Talent Accounts.

    We do direct trades to a master account, they are not individual live accounts.
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