Calling all ET traders to gun Overstock ( OSTK )shorts tomorrow, 50%+ float is short

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  1. on after the current commercial break in a few minutes

    Time now 2:12 EST
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  2. this should be good..
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  3. Looks like on L2 some funds and traders are setting up to use this interview as a catalyst to gun shorts. Looks like some are getting soaked in long now and will spike it during the interview.
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  4. Patrick, I am your father.

    -Sith Lord
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  5. oops, looks that didn't work.
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  6. How do you guys post during the day? Shee.

    I'm so disappointed we didn' t get the squeeze. I watching two other tells, and whata they do is jump on the offer and hit bids to drive it down with, say, quantity a, then hop on the bid and buy 2or 3xA.

    I have the interview for you:

    Plus this gift. I know Patrick acts a bit spacy. If I were Jeff Matthews, I'd kill myself. But if that didn't work, I'd play the looney card to. However, it doesn't wash. Patrick said many things on the call, and some may find them hard to believe. This, without a doubt, proves one thing he said on the call: citation.pdf

    I'm working w/some State folks trying to hang a basher. One eye is on OSTK at all times.

    If you naked short, you might as well be North Korean or Taliban.
    "Oh Mr. Ron, I don't know nuthin' 'bout no nakid shortin'". Motherless P*(&*K. This is what happens when you can't make money legally. You do this shit, or get a TV show.
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  7. Mvic


    Agree, nothing wrong with shorting legally but this naked shorting stuff is not only unpatriotic but out and out fraud and hurts a lot more people than just he investors of the company that is being targeted. While I don't think Byrne is doing his investors any favors getting involved so publicly (he should be talking about the company and its successes and focusing on making them happen rather dealing with this crap openly, he doesn't get that Wall street is not ready for the kind of openness and transparency that is his style, probably because there is little room for spin LOL) I do admire the guy for calling these assholes on their bull shit that those who are in positions of oversight seem to give a pass to for whatever reason. For those of you who don't know ostk has been on the Reg Sho list for 180 days and yet with the CEO screaming bloody murder about the naked shorting that fact is not deemed worthy of immediate investigation.

    I am not an equities guy but even I can see that something smells bad about the way this thing is proceeding. Bought a few calls today as I think that something is coming down the pipe that will spook the shorts, CEO talking about affidavits from one of the conspirators and looking pretty pleased with himself on CNBC, also if that freak mathews was all that the shorts could come up with as a rebuttal they are in bad shape. seriously, I bet the guy posts on ET, he is what I imagine some of the people who post on ET to be like. They do fine when they are in their little hole but bring them out in to the light of day and they don't look so good.
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  8. Thanks for the video link ... halfway through the video I have to say the Matthews hasn't offered anything other than contemptuous innuendo ...

    As for Byrne, my interest is piqued as to his historical statements / management.
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  9. Someplace on this site, I put some MM articles from the 80's. MM quotes Star Wars in both. Big movie buff. I don't know Byrne, but I heard today about the size of, shall we say, dicks who he is using to dig info. I am 100% confident that he has pulled all the plugs out on this one, and has all of the facts.

    I fully understand, if you haven't followed this disaster, and I was investigating it pre 9/11, he looks goofy. However, don't sell him short (get it, short selling scandal, don't sell him short?????) I 've had three trades, made good money on one and two were flat. Very disappointed. My fear is something goes down overnight and I miss the whole thing. It is coming> Oh, we're dragging people kicking and screaming, but it is coming.
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  10. Babak


    Thanks for the video.

    Hilarious! Byrne keeps alleging that Jeff Mathews and others make "smarmy innuendo" and that they don't have any real arguments.

    Meanwhile that's all he's been offering.

    btw, all this talk of 'can't borrow'...why not just go synthetic?
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