Calling all ET traders to gun Overstock ( OSTK )shorts tomorrow, 50%+ float is short

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  1. I put this on another thread., but here is Insana's interview w/ Byrne.

    I can tell you that everything he said is set in truth. You cannot believe the web the firms have weaved for themselves.

    This is the biggest story of the .... I don't remember one bigger. Get set to feast on my sorrow. I hope to make back what I lost to these bastards. May the rest of you make them pay in blood.
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  2. "A spokesman for Overstock said that Byrne was committed to standing up for the company and "righting wrongs where he sees them." The presentations, the spokesman said, was not part of the long-range public relations strategy of the company. He said that Byrne, to his knowledge, is not currently under any psychiatric care and that he was sober when he gave the presentation. "

    lol the guy has a screw loose.
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  3. zdreg


    who are you kidding?
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  4. I only saw a portion of the interview on CNBS, but my Flakeometer was pinned at about 98 on a scale of 100 at the end.
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  5. I'm in guys. I'll be watching OSTK tommorow.
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  6. It's seldom a good sign when a company spokesman has to deny that the CEO is under psychiatric care or drunk after a public appearance.
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  7. That is how the press works - they ask a ridiculous question and the responder looks guilty just by denying the ridiculous.

    Having listened to the conference call, the NYPost article reads as slanted & dishonest.
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  8. thank you beat me to it. i am amazed these ppl fall for this bull shit. isn't the Post owned by murdoch the worlds biggest war monger son of a b***** out there. not exactly a bastion of integrity. he owns all those rumor rags in england doesn't he??? what a scumbag.
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  9. Don't you know his esteemed legal counsel had their heads in their hands by the time he was done.
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  10. Why OSTK is "OVERSHORTED", the Math:

    18.7 Shares outstanding

    According to Byrne (CEO), 18.5 of shares outstanding are owned by

    (1) Byrne
    (2) Friends
    (3) Family
    (4) 10 Institutions

    This leaves 200,000 shares outstanding but there is a short float on record with Naz of about 6.53M. If OSTK is not halted this week, this may be the beginning of a catastrophic and massive squeeze. Although I shaved some profit already, I still believe there is some serious gunning left. This is going to get ugly, for shorts of course.

    That math is a big enough catalyst for funds to jump on board and gun Rocker and friends positions. This is a shark game, once some sharks see blood in the water, they will rip this short float to pieces "gunning" and "sweeping" shorts stops. With that big of short position in the stock, any hedging with puts is not being reflected on the open interest. Hedge funds were salivating Friday at the short math that is present and they spiked OSTK as I had expected on almost 4X avg volume, tomorrow, expect word to spread out more that "OSTK short gunning" is one of the best risk reward plays this week.

    It's simple, who cares about OSTK fundamentals, the sanity or some would say originality of the CEO, "its all about shorts stupid"!
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