Calling all ET traders to gun Overstock ( OSTK )shorts tomorrow, 50%+ float is short

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by fxpeculator, Aug 12, 2005.

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    ...ET is deterioting into a yahoo msg board... lol...
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  3. OSTK Call Update -Update-

    Speaking about Herb Greenberg, says has written about 35 negative articles in past yr about NFI (a David Rocker short position); says Herb seem obsessed with him, but stopped in Feb; after Herb stopped, a blog was created by Jeff Mathews. OSTK's CEO says things the baton was passed. Now commenting on Camelback, which has reported about 58 negative reports. Says was told by someone that you can get Camelback to write negative reports two times a yr for $25,000; says Camelback called him and said the price is now $40,000... Says David Rocker edited reports and that he would tell Herb Greenberg and Camelback to hold off posting the reports for a few days so he could build position and that they would oblige.

    08:46 OSTK On call, CEO says with this action he is getting out of the biz of dealing with shorts -- handing it over to the lawyers (43.75 )

    Believes OSTK has been damaged in the high hundreds of millions of dollars... Thinks the trail leads much farther, and some of the names that will come to light are much more widely known. Thinks that shorts serve healthy roll in the market and that most CEOs who standup against shorts are crooks... Says Bob O'Brien contacted him recently: He made 4 predictions: He said will have hatchet jobs done by Herb Greenberg, Camelback and some others and that a federal investigation would occur, as well as some other things: Says within a few weeks received calls from each of the people O'Brien suggested... Did in Feb became the subject of informal inquiry from SEC: says he's not supposed to know that -- says no obligation to report informal inquiry and certainly no obligation to report rumor of SEC investigation.
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  4. time to get on board the "short buster", it is not too late!
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  5. Maybe you could of "coined" from the opportunity I pointed out if you weren't so emotional, -----assuming you were telling the truth-that you were not short of course.
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  6. Funny you should mention this, I was just thinking about the stock tomcole mentioned: MSTR. That was one of the first stocks to crack in the 1st quarter of 2000 and I remember going to the yahoo message board to watch the wailing. I wish I shorted that stock!
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  7. does anybody buy anything from ostk? whenever i go there all i see is overpriced junk. look at the computers. they are trying to get over what new ones cost at dell.
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  8. Up 9%, still believe there is some more steamrolling left against shorts. Gotta love it!
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  9. Doesn't look like there is any follow through but expect the momentum to continue next week.

    12-Aug-05 11:13 ET Trader In Play Next level of interest over next few days is 200-day sma at $49.39 (OSTK) 47.15 +3.40 :
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  10. Quote from AAAintheBeltway:

    I'd be tempted to short OSTK if it was available. Byrne is far from free of fleas himself. Jeff Matthews has laid it out in devastating detail on his blog numerous times. That said, the naked shorting scandal badly needs fixing.

    Please, if your trading in size, find a broker to short OSTK. I need more shorts soaked into the stock to steamroll by the end of next week. 50%+ of the float shorted is not enough, I am sure there are some more daredevils that want to jump in. I have word from a trader that any broker that clears with Susquehanna has them. Run and get those shorts! Do the "short busters" a favor!
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