Calling all conspiricy nuts

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Free Thinker, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. 10/11/06 = is 9/11/01

    How's this for a conspiracy theory? (Really more pattern recognition than anything)

    Doug Kass makes the observation -- as a plane plows into a building in NYC -- that today's date is 9/11/01 turned upside down.
  2. I only believe the govenment and military. I block out all other facts and original thoughts. LALALALA I CANT HEAR YOU.
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  4. Doug Kass seems... unaware that there are not 90 months in a year.
  5. turns out it was a major league baseball player from NY flying a small plane with his instructor that crashed into the hi-rise
    manhattan this afternoon
  6. I just wonder if that instructor <i>just happened</i> to be a Muslim.
  7. I think this plane crash was Bush's fault.
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    See, the Yankees have been infiltrated by Al-Queda.