Calling a Trend Day early

Discussion in 'Trading' started by paulr, May 19, 2003.

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    Anyone have a mechanical way to call a trend day early in the day with any semblance of reliability (ie: > 50 %)

  2. I knew today would be a trend day because of the "minor change" in the McClellan Osc. on Thursday, combined with the fact that Friday was not a trend day.


    great info on highest probability of predicting a trend day

    It has helped me tremendously

  3. When the open is the extreme print and the market drives powerfully in one direction in the first 10 minutes or so.
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    Sounds like Market Profile. :)
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    If the prior day was a narrow range, inside day or a 5 tick doji.. you have a very favorable percentage change of some sort of followup trend day -- or at least, open and close at relative extremes.
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  7. Who cares about predicting it, when you could be trading it?
  8. Because it gives you an hedge and when you can have consistent edge the risk is more than proportionally lowered see money management rule.