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  1. I am getting up to 10 - 15 of these calls on my cell phone with a caller ID # of 000-000-0000. They do not leave a message. This started about a week ago with about 5 calls a day.

    Anyone ever get this ??? Who is this ???

    Yesterday I answered one & he asked for Stewart & I said "do not call here again". Today I still got about 6 calls then I answered one & I said "who is this" & they just hung up.

    Thanks for any info you may have.
  2. kinda strange, similar shite happenin' to me in the past couple of days or so: phone rings 5-8times a day and nobody freakin' answers; have no clue about caller id, me phone is from the prehistoric times. am in the uk.
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    Bitsie! I've been trying to reach you, but you keep hanging up on me! :p
  4. It wasn't this ring was it? Don't answer!!!

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  5. I called Sprint wireless & they said they can either block the number or get me a list of all the phone numbers that called my phone. The list cost $20.
    Seemed like the zeros on the caller ID is a common occurrence by the way they were talking to me, so it must just be a method the scum use to mask their numbers.
    I got 9 calls in 3 hours this morning & when I answered one they hung up :confused:
    It must be a telemarketer, since I don't have any debt can't be a collector.
    I don't think I will get the number since I don't want to spend any time or money on this nonsense just to call them & tell them to stop calling me. Hopefully they will stop & find someone else to call.
  6. its skype or another free fon service that coms up 00000000.

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    Might be Al-Qaeda.:eek:

    Sign up your home and cell numbers at this site to stop the telemarketing calls. If they continue to call, report it to the same site so they can fine them.
  9. In Colorado we are inundated with surveys. polls and questionaires from AUTOMATED calling machines even on unlisted numbers ...What can be done about it...?

    Michael B.

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