Call to hackers worldwide: please get Goldman Sachs emails similar to Climategate.

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  1. With ALL due respect to my liberal brethren, aren't we all pissed off with our Overlords in finance and politics?

    Let's join forces!

    Liberals got the true, legitimate history of dissent. Conservative muscle can back you up when we get incensed, in the second American revolution against tyranny.

    Hack away!
  2. Waiting


    LOL how little you know your masters

    Hacking bunch of climate geeks is not dangerous. You hack Goldman and they will kill you. The FED stands behind Goldman, you have no idea who you are dealing with.

    They made sure that absolute authority is theirs and they will never be audited or hacked for that matter.
  3. Do not be afraid.

    Net anonymity can be absolute. The Climategate hacker is still anonymous.

    Didn't you see the movie "Animal House"? The more they say "We will kill you", the more you fuck with them! (And they only come off that tough, because they do have something to hide, and they're scared).

    Hack away!

    Do not be afraid.
  4. Everything has a digital fingerprint, IP addresses can be tracked. It's how many resources they want to throw at. Many hackers have been caught.

    A former colleague has a cousin that was paid 1 million USD to hack an offshore gaming site years ago for a competitor. He got paid and barred from returning to the US for 5 years and a $100,000 fine. I guess crime pays like they say.
  5. Think about it if you can hack Golden Slacks why not just front run them?
  6. I'm not very knowledgeable in the technical areas. But why wasn't the Climategate hacker caught? It's must be possible to remain anonymous.

    A friend who is an expert in these areas assures me there are ways to mask IP addresses.
  7. They just don't care that much about him/her. Sure you can mask an IP, and again its how bad they want to track them.
  8. My guess is that it was the CIA that did it. Payback for Pelosi screwing with them last year.
  9. Fed would be easier to hack then GS but I wouldn't advocate this on a public thread.
  10. Everyone you connect to has your IP logged, but hackers circumvent this problem by using a proxy server. So the hacker can connect through someone else's computer/server and reroute their http requests through them so the IP logged is the proxy not the hackers.

    You can also be creative and make it harder for law enforcement to track you, for example if the target is located in the US you can use a proxy server located in Russian/China/Iran, as US law enforcement will have a problem getting those records.
    That's why whenever you hear in the news about a cyber-attack or cyber-infiltration originated from Russia, China, North Korea, it's all speculation and very hard to find out the real source of attack.

    The majority of proxy servers are home computers unknowingly infected with a virus/worm to create a botnet, or collection of infected computers.
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