Call me stupid, but I dont understand.

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  1. I was bored, so I went to and typed in the words "equity trader" to see what yould come up. I found this one prop firm called Lynx Capital Partners ( ).

    The part I dont understand is that they offer training, but only to "the most qualified candidates". What does that mean? I thought anyone with a couple grand and a series 7 could work at a prop?. My search at ( ) shows that I only need 1 year experiance. Well I've been trading for almost a year now.

    Another thing I found that was intersting is that they require that you have a series 55 and 63 certifications, while most only require a series 7.

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    yeah i notice alot want a resume too. wtf, fill it out in crayon and send it to them.
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    why would any day trading prop shop require a series 7 or any license? they are buyside.
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    lynx does require 7,63,and55. they do offer training for new people who are new to the business and i don't think there is capital contribution for those people. they are training them at their own risk essentially. from what i know it's not a class or anything, it's just mentors or a team of other traders that guide the new people and it's up to the new people to ask questions after a certain period to develop themselves to be consistent. i think it's nice for those new people.

    i know they were at some career fairs at colleges in NYC and NJ, so to them "only accepting the most qualified candidates," i'm not so sure about that. i guess they mean after those people they recruit pass the 7, then they are "qualified" :/
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    7 because it's the law with that kind of leverage. 63 for trading outside of the home office's state. 55 for NASDAQ and ECN transactions, I believe.
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