Call me stupid but I am buying now

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hajimow, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. hajimow


    I am a swing trader and I am buying TXN, ADI, and SMH. Even if I am convinced we will have a DDR, I am buying. Prices look rediculous.

    Note: There are lots of other good undervalued tech stocks now. Sorry that I am always in tech stocks. That is my bread and butter.
  2. gov


    Ok, you are stupid. Are you happy now? Seriously, though, w/o a time frame I cannot offer anything of value, but certainly a DDR will not allow these shares to appreciate. Remember we are here to make money, not be correct. Just a thought, but best of luck to you!
  3. hajimow


    I agree that we are here to make money. That is my point and I believe that today is a buy day. I know majority will disagree.
  4. I would give it until next week to buy. I see some more selling, but that is only my opinion.
  5. hajimow


    And no one knows what is happening. Tomorrow you will hear again that there is no chance that we will have DDR and we will only have slow growth and next week, you will hear that it seems that growth is accelerating and then the week after that again DDR,.....
    Market will come back and today is my buy day.
  6. gov


    Well, fwiw I only daytrade, but across a few markets.... Without a new low today, my read is that we are in for a bounce, at the very least. Right now though the hourlies are a bit ambiguous so I am pretty much out for this session unless something extraordinary presents. Again, best of luck to you!
  7. gov


    Absolutely agreed. You and I have been here awhile, and it always astounds me how the news media is so manic-depressive in the states. Their collective memory seems less than a day most times.
  8. S2007S


    Tomorrow more economic numbers, if they are what the markets want there should be some sort of bounce if they miss then I wouldn't want to be long going into the weekend, a breakdown into the close today and a another drop tomorrow and were celebrating dow 10,000 once again.
  9. Don't werry about what the naysayours are seying, mate. This isss just a small correction in lla bull markett. Nothing goze up f4ever...
  10. CQNC


    ok, you're stupid.
    but you'll be filthy stinking rich in six months stupid.

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