Call me paranoid if you want

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    I have a theory.

    I maintain that the enriching of the rest of the world is a US led mandate.

    Let me explain. It is far easier (cheaper and less loss of life) to enrich foreign corporations, than it is to go to war with them. Therefore, by making trade open and outsourcing as many jobs as possible, in effect those nations are able to hire labor. When people have jobs, they don't think of jihad.

    I know, call me paranoid, but it does not seem so far fetched to me.

    What does this mean to our markets? I say it means that we are likely to see dynamics we have never seen before. Whether that means lower in the short term and higher in the very long term is debatable, but seems logical.

  2. Volatile by name volatile by nature!
  3. I see your logic but not sure it would work. So you would basically still have a big deficit plus be giving American jobs away. That would lead to less tax revenue and more social welfare which again is added onto the deficit. The truth is capitalism only works when you have others to take advantage of. So yes great for the markets but I think that most Americans would be living in tents planning to topple the government. Its just my point of view and I don’t have any answers to fix the problems.
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    Would make a great policy paper but not sure there is anyone that farsighted in our government at the moment.
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    employment or wealth doesnt change human nature
  6. Nope, you are correct.

    I've posted this before - will try to search through posts & edit this later for the link.

    Try this link for some additional edification. Note the $6000 figure.

    BTW, note who it was written by. then google for that author's first book.
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    some of the wealthiest people in the world has the most mess up minds and I would go as far as to say they are more educated also.
  8. Sorry, was that a dig against me, nitro, fareed zakaria, or niall ferguson?

    But thanks for your creatively spelled opinion. Miss that spell checker, eh?
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    (don't blame me you ask for it)
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    Paranoid does not fit as well as another word that comes to mind.
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