Call It As I see It... Palin Won!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by iceman1, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. I honestly must say that if these were two attorneys speaking to a jury that Palin was more direct, sincere and succinct in her voice and words.... and would get an acquittal.

    I could not at times hear Biden and he is often too highbrow for average people! I like him as a person. But I think he speaks over people and makes simple things complex... at times. His speaking cadence could be improved. He speaks too fast.

    Remember this is a DEBATE.... and if I was scoring it like a fight.. I think Sarah won much to my amazement!
  2. I gave it to Biden,but he could have won big if he had brought her mistakes like the fact that she got the generals name wrong and she wasn't answering the questions she was asked

    The Networks are bringing it up though
  3. I have to believe that's the first time Biden has ever been accused of being too highbrow! A blowhard, sure, but usually a plain-spoken blowhard. You're right about his cadence but there's nothing he or anyone else can do about it at this point.

    Palin won in the sense that she didn't blow up. That's what everyone was waiting to see, and Biden accomodated her by not calling her out as she gave non-answer after non-answer.
  4. Yes Iceman, you have to judge it from that point of view.

    As far as Palin's mistake on the name, I give Biden praise for being a gentleman and not scolding her.

    If you look at where palin was coming from she just ran a 3 min mile.

    Got to make Katie look bad. Why could she not get her inteview as professional as palin was tonight
  5. She definitely did well.

    President Palin! :)
  6. And that's the point!
  7. saxon


    That stuff might be fine for a small town lawyer trying a case over one client's dog shitting on a neighbor's lawn; but would it impress Putin, bin Laden, and like kind heavy's on the world stage??

    I think we all know that they would laugh at us for choosing her as our vice-leader.
  8. With all due respect I actually think it would impress the people you cited.
  9. hold your horses..... it;s only been a few minutes after the debate...

    When market moves after a Fed cut or hike, the first mkt move is usually followed by one or two more oppisite moves.

    Tomorrow we will see.....
  10. mark my words... McCain's numbers will increase!
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