Call For Sell Strategies

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by GIG, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. GIG


    Hi All,

    Last semester I conducted a research project on buying strategies in the stock market.

    This semester, my thesis will be focusing on selling strategies.

    Right now, I have two proprietary models that I'm going to try out. I'm looking for a basis of comparison to judge my results.

    1. Common/Accepted Selling Strategies

    Basically, 'run of the mill', generic strategies that are well known and publicized. In this case, if anyone wanted to point me to links
    or tell me about common selling strategies that would be great.

    2. Your Own Proprietary Selling Strategies

    If you had a selling strategy (either in place, or just an idea) and you would like to see how it performs (relative to my own and accepted strategies), let me know. If you wanted to lay it out in public, that's ok, otherwise you could PM me if you want to keep it private. If I think your strategy has value, and can be implemented relatively easily I'll use it. In return, you'll get a copy of the final thesis paper. Please allow for 8-12 weeks for delivery :)


  2. lindq


    Typical Hard Rules
    1. Percentage gain
    2. Points gain
    3. Timed Exit (Out at X bars, X days, X minutes, etc.)
    4. Parabolic SAR

    Some Discretionary Rules
    1. Indicator-based exits
    - MA reached or exceeded
    - Pivot Points
    - RSI, Stoch or other indicator reached or exceeded
    2. Profit target reached, based on:
    - Daily trading range
    - Chart patterns of specific instrument traded
    3. Market conditions
    - News impacting technicals or fundamentals
    - Change in market sentiment

    etc. etc.

    You have probably heard that the easiest part of trading is entering a trade. The hardest part is exiting. When and how.

    So true.