Call for brave traders: long TQQQ and the market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Junkou, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Junkou


    It's time to build your long positions in TQQQ TNA YINN EDC
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  2. Junkou


    Here is the chart:
  3. Junkou


    It's a really good call: TQQQ was up as high as 17%! YINN and CWEB were up over 20%!
  4. Overnight


    You long it first, on your magic bus. Prove your system's magical fairy-dust predictive powers by showing us your live trades in the thing, or else you're just another weak-kneed hack offering zero value to anyone or anything, except your own sense of needing self-worth.

    Seriously, your post is like the nutritional value of frozen store-bought pizza... just eat the cardboard it comes in, because it tastes the same as the pizza, but has less calories and fat.

  5. maxinger


    You will find earning money very difficult if you are a brave trader.

    You will find earning money easy if you are a confident trader.